This is the way to escape from work!

Immerse your thoughts in a world of tranquillity and your body in the crystal-clear water warmed to just the right temperature. And soon you’ll find yourself relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view in our atmospheric, panoramic indoor pool.

To relax, revitalise or just for the simple fun of it: use all the facilities in our landscaped bathing area for a complete sense of well-being!

Sensual pleasure!

Heated outdoor pool
with panoramic view

There’s an even better view from our heated outdoor pool, and our whirlpools are there for those tingling moments. As you can see, there are plenty of delightful ways to yield to the water’s beneficial powers. Come and try it out!

Sensual pleasure!

Sensual pleasure!

From invisible water vapour to quite dense mist: that’s what you can experience when you pay a visit to our salt steam bath, steam bath or our sauna and bio sauna. The principle of steam has been well known for a long time and has proven benefits for the body, immune system and airways. Shrouded in steam, warmth and ethereal oils – simply indescribably good for you!