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Adrenalin junkies and adventure seekers beware! Ötztal has a lot in store for you and it will certainly not be boring. Whether on the ground, in the air or in a gorge – discover Ötztal in a unique way that you will certainly not forget so quickly.

Into wild


A natural glacier river is very rare nowadays, there is one in Ötztal. Kayakers and canoeists are in good hands in the Ötztaler Ache and can paddle all they want. With some of the world's most difficult, technically challenging white water passages, the stream is only for experienced water sports enthusiasts.

From above:

a change of perspective

If you want a different perspective of the valley and the mountains, then paragliding is probably the best choice. You float down into the valley as free as a bird with your wing. Whether it’s on your own or with a trained instructor depends on your experience. But one thing is certain, it is always an experience.


in Ötztal

It is not for nothing that this place is called the most extraordinary adventure playground in Europe. Adrenaline junkies can let off steam here, because everything from climbing to water skiing and partying is possible. Area47 combines nature and high tech on an area the size of nine football pitches in the middle of Ötztal.

White water


Rafting combines team spirit and action in one sport. You and your colleagues will ride through the rapids and overcome the mountain stream’s waves in a small boat. Different routes for beginners and professionals as well as a guide make this fast-paced adventure a sure thing.


for canyon fans

When canyoning, you head steeply downhill, deep down and through the cold stream, but fun is guaranteed. As you follow the course of the water, you overcome obstacles in your usual adventurous manner. With the guides you will get to know a completely new side of the region.


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You can find even more adventure in Ötztal here.

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