Climbing & hiking

in beautiful Ötztal

Put your climbing shoes on, get your equipment on, check the safety devices and you’re ready to start climbing the mountains. You can climb practically everywhere in Tyrol. If you want to head up high but prefer things to be a little bit more leisurely, you can climb the mountains on one of the many hiking routes in the region. From beginners to more difficult tours, you will find the route that suits you perfectly.


Shanks’ pony

Experienced mountain guides will take you out to explore Obergurgl three times a week. The hiking day organised by us offers participants the opportunity to experience the most beautiful, lush green alpine meadows and the unique mountains up close and to feel the joy of hiking. After a successful climb, a good snack awaits all hard-working hikers at the summit after marvelling at the view.


You have the opportunity to safely experience the outdoors and mountains in the surrounding area with the state-certified mountain guides throughout Ötztal. You not only have the advantage of a safe hike, but also a greater chance of reaching your destination, the summit. As a symbol of your stamina, you can sign the summit book when you reach the top and take a memorable photo of yourself at the summit cross or have one taken. Whichever mountain you want to conquer next, the Obergurgl and Ötztal Hochgebirgsschule will accompany you safely to the top.

Hiking route E5

European long-distance hiking trail

This holds true on the way from Obergurgl to the Timmelsjoch: “You haven't really been somewhere unless you've been there on foot!” The entire long-distance hiking trail leads from the France’s Atlantic coast to Venice, but the most beautiful part is at the far end of Ötztal. From Obergurgl the hiking route leads over the slopes of alpine roses to Hochgurgl, past the famous Top Mountain Crosspoint to the smuggler's monument. The numerous possibilities for a majestic view are captivating every time. Hikers finally reach their destination, the Timmelsjoch, at 2,509 metres above sea level. They can sign the hiking book there and relive the memory again and again with the stamp. But you don’t just have a fantastic view up here, you can also discover the Pass museum and the ice cave.

Hiking trail

with two mountain huts

This hiking trail is one of the most popular family hikes in the region. Starting from Obergurgl you walk past the beautiful Zirben Alm, the crossroads before you reach the well-kept theme trail. In the stone pine forest, hikers experience the wonderful resinous scent of the trees. You climb up towards Rotmoostal along the wide gravel path, over the bridge to the Schönwieshütte. Modernity meets nature here. The linear architecture goes surprisingly well with the surroundings and spoils all visitors with delicious, home-made dishes and delicacies. Here you can marvel at the impressive, surrounding mountains or hike on to the Gurgler Alm. A path here finally leads to the Langtalereckhütte. Hospitality and a breathtaking view also awaits you here.

Stone pine forest

via ferrata

The climbing garden, where the stone pine forest via ferrata is located, is ideal for an eventful day with the family. The mostly easy passages can also be enjoyed by children from ten years of age without any problems. With climbing over 400 metres and a difference in altitude of 100 metres, the climb’s level of difficulty is mostly B on a scale where A is easy and E extreme. The climbing route also has two more difficult passages with level of difficulty C. The ascent takes about one and a half to two hours.

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via ferrata

In the middle of Obergurgl’s world of glaciers, there is a wonderful panoramic via ferrata, which is ideal for experienced climbers. On a difficulty scale from A to E, where A is easy and E extreme, the first part of the route is A to B. Climbers can gather their strength here before continuing with difficulty C to D at the end of the route. Although the route lacks outright highlights in terms of difficulty, the route is nevertheless very demanding. Climbers have to cope with a difference in altitude of 350 metres over 700 metres. On average, it takes three hours to complete the tour, but after the tour is finished, a descent to the Langtalereck Hut is necessary, increasing the time to four hours. The Hochwilde Haus is 45 minutes away from the finish.


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