A M A X Rosé


Fine and fibrous, our A M A X Rosé relies on 100 percent Merlot, aged in barriques. When enjoying this aromatic drop, an intense and inspiring scent of blood oranges, vineyard peaches, bourbon vanilla and various herbs spreads in the nose. With its full body, our rosé caresses the palate and presents itself juicy, round and intensely fruity. And with its long finish, this noble wine is sure to impress and be remembered.

Winery Strehn


The Strehn winery is known for its straightforward and distinctive wines. For several years now, the production of rosé has been the focus of the winery, which is run by three siblings in the fourth generation. Organic and sustainably cultivated red grapes serve as the basis for the wines of the Strehn winery, with the typical Blaufränkisch from Mittelburgenland at the forefront. The trio of winemakers has made a name for themselves among wine lovers, especially with their imaginative rosé creations, proving with their wines how intensely flavoursome the third wine colour can be.

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