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Experience the scents and colours of the most beautiful and best wine-growing regions in the world in our special wine cellar. This is where our fine wines are stored at a constant temperature to preserve the fullness of their aromas in the best possible way. Numerous wines produced by leading wine makers from all over the world promise an exquisite wine experience of the highest level. Experience unforgettable moments of pleasure during a meal or an exclusive wine tasting in Steiner’s Wine Cellar.

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We fill the hotspot of our wine enjoyment with life with tastings at the exclusive Steiner’s Wine Cellar. Our qualified sommelier Maximilian Steiner will guide you through the wines from all over the world, give you tips on the ideal way to enjoy them and provide you with interesting information with a great deal of pleasure and knowledge. Our Maximilian Steiner will also surprise you with a suitable wine accompaniment for your menu to go with the special dishes we serve in the wine cellar.

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