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Our spa team will pamper you with massages and body treatments – enjoy the cosy atmosphere and beneficial effects of the various peels and healing mud packs. Our spa team will be happy to advise you on the treatments and massages.

Massage- & Wellness offers



Full body


Correct stroking and kneading relieves tension. This results in better blood circulation in the tissue and the lymphatic system transports toxins more easily. The body cells are supplied with fresh oxygen-enriched blood. Relaxation and well-being set in.

Part body


To loosen up specific muscle groups, especially in the back, neck or legs.

Foot reflexology


Our feet are very valuable tools of our body. They carry us from one place to another. Treat your feet to something good too. The foot reflex zone massage is just the right thing for this.

Classic back & foot reflex zone


This massage focuses on tension in the back and on the reflex zones of your feet. Healthy feet are important because we carry our bodies (including our backs) on our feet. Correct application of the massage can alleviate and improve back pain.

Relaxing leg & foot reflexology


This relaxing massage concentrates specifically on the reflex zones of the feet, lower legs and knees.



Give your body what it deserves. We are happy to fulfill your individual wishes.





The honey massage has its origins in Russian and Tibetan naturopathy and is ideal for detoxification. The honey is applied to the back and pumped into the skin with the palms of the hands. The various active ingredients in honey penetrate deep into the skin and help to remove old toxins and waste products from the tissue.



The Alpienne massage milk nourishes and cleanses your body. You can choose from our wide variety: arnica, propolis, Johannis herbs, stone pine arnica or alpine herbs. Choose your favorite massage milk and give your body a break with one of these nourishing formulas.

Hot stone


The body has 7 main energy centers called chakras. Stress, anxiety, and other factors can imbalance these centers. This treatment addresses this directly and achieves a noticeable harmonization of the energy flow. You experience a lightness in your body and you will feel new strength flowing again.

Aroma oil


Aromatic oils are made from special plants with calming or stimulating healing powers. The combination of fragrant oils and a gentle massage relaxes the body, mind and soul.


& packs

Natural moor-pack

rose flower-pack | chocolate-pack

Three special packs tailored to your needs. We'd love to spoil you. Whether natural moor, rose blossoms or chocolate - let yourself be enchanted by the sensual scents.

Revital body peeling

rock salt with mountain arnica & rosemary

The Revital body peeling is a gentle and invigorating peeling for all skin types. With fine rock salt and micronized zeolite, the skin is freed from impurities, smooth and wonderfully soft. Essential oils from mountain arnica, rosemary and lemongrass promote blood circulation, regenerate, tighten connective tissue and revitalize.

A special peeling for fine, beautiful and radiant skin.

Honey peeling - massage milk

with rock salt and propolis

A gentle body peeling with honey massage milk with valuable propolis and honey. Has a calming and very nourishing effect on the skin. Honey provides the skin with valuable vitamins and minerals. Ideal for rough and scaly skin.

Healing massage & vitality

body pack

A relaxing and antispasmodic treatment for muscle relaxation after physical activity and joint pain. Rosemary oil, camphor and menthol promote blood circulation and relieve tension and cramps in the muscles.





This pleasant healing mud treatment originally comes from Egypt, where it was used to heal various skin diseases. We use it for relaxation and regeneration.

First, mud treatments are applied to the entire body. Then it's off to the herbal steam cabin, the Rasul. The mud dries easily on the body. The temperature rises, the humidity increases, the mud softens again and can be massaged into the skin with circular movements. The skin is gently peeled and then washed off under warm water. Resting afterwards and a glass of sparkling wine complete this special treatment.


The Hamam - a traditional Turkish ritual - is still used today for body care, cleaning and interpersonal communication. The hamam is a steam bath in which a special bathing ceremony is held. The focus is on relaxation and a subsequent massage with soap foam. The hamam is valued as a place of rest and relaxation.

Austria & Bellevue

private spa

Our private spa is relaxation for two. A room full of pleasure. Massage couch, sauna and waterbed are ready for you. Aromatic massage oil, a bowl of fruits and a glass of wine enhance this pleasurable experience. Enjoy private time with your second half.





This massage is ideal for deep relaxation and the regeneration of tired muscles, especially before and after major exertion. This massage also has a preventive effect against sore muscles.



Firming and shaping treatment against cellulite exclusively for the problem areas hips and thighs. Promotes blood circulation and moisturizes the skin.



Our facial massage relieves tension, stimulates blood circulation and supports a radiant complexion.

Appearance pampering


Eye pads soaked with natural essences such as eyebright and chamomile let your eye area appear in a new light, fight against the first wrinkles and ensure a fresh and radiant appearance.



For soft hands! With this massage, the hands are first gently peeled. Then a nourishing mask is applied!



SPA for your feet. If your feet are strained, this massage works wonders. Peeling and mask make your feet velvet and soft.



Stone pine vital


During the pine massage, pine sticks of different lengths and diameters are used, heated and utilized for a high level of relaxation with a pine-arnica massage milk.

The warmth of the pine sticks and the pine-arnica massage milk penetrate deep into the muscle layer and improve the blood circulation in the entire body, promote the flow of energy and lead to relaxation of tension and blockage.

Alpienne mountain herb


Come with us on a journey into nature for the senses - see, smell, feel ... Dried herbs and flowers are stuffed into linen fabric, heated with steam and then the essential oils are massaged into the skin using a specific massage technique. Depending on the mixture of herbs, the stamps develop a wide variety of effects.

Alpa classica vitality


Refreshing massage with powerful extracts of handpicked mountain arnica blossoms. The mountain arnica is one of the best-known and most effective medicinal plants in the Alps. It is a true all-rounder for regeneration care after physical exertion, especially for irritated and overstressed joints. This massage gets you in shape for the next mountain adventure!