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Our spa team will pamper you with massages and body treatments – enjoy the cosy atmosphere and beneficial effects of the various peels and healing mud packs. Our spa team will be happy to advise you on the treatments and massages.

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Full body


Tension is released by just the right amount of stroking and kneading. This results in better blood circulation in the tissue and the lymphatic system removes toxins more easily. The body cells are supplied with fresh oxygen-enriched blood. Providing you with a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Part body


To loosen up specific muscle groups, especially in the back, neck or legs.



The feet are very valuable tools for our body. They carry us from one place to another. Treat your feet to something good for once. The reflexology massage is just the right thing for this. A pressure massage of specific reflex zones helps detect any weaknesses in the organism and also indicates them through pain. However, the reflexology massage is a form of treatment that has increasingly found its way into the wellness sector as a feel-good treatment.



Special massage grips in the head and neck area loosen up tension and relieve or even completely get rid of tension headaches and migraines.



Firming and shaping treatment against cellulite exclusively for the problem areas stomach, hips and thighs. Boosts blood circulation and supplies the skin with moisture.




mountain herb stamp

Come with us on a journey into the nature of the senses – sight, smell, touch ... Dried herbs and flowers are filled into linen, heated with steam and then the essential oils are massaged into the skin using a special massage technique. The stamps unfold a whole variety of different effects according to the mixture of herbs. For example, they can release tension and blockages, boost blood circulation and strengthen tissue and the immune system. Stress is reduced and a holistic sense of well-being is induced for the mind and body.



Aromatic oils are produced from special plants with calming or stimulating healing powers. The combination of fragrant oils and gentle massage relaxes the mind, body and soul. Calming the vegetative nervous system and strengthening the immune system. This massage positively influences the lymphatic system and the energy flow in the body.



The honey massage has its origins in Russian and Tibetan naturopathy and is wonderful for detoxification. The honey is applied to the back and worked into the skin with the palms of the hands using sucking and pumping movements. The honey’s various active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and help transport old toxins and waste products out of the tissue. The honey massage harmonises the aura, restores the energy flow’s balance and simultaneously has an effect on the nervous and immune system.

Alpa Classica

energising massage

Refreshing massage with powerful extracts of hand-picked mountain arnica flowers. This massage is ideal for fatigue, slight strains and acute problems after sports activities.




This pleasant healing mud treatment originally comes from Egypt, where it was used to cure various skin diseases. We use it for relaxation and regeneration. Nourishing muds are applied to the entire body first. Then you head into the herbal steam cabin, the Rasul. The cabin heats up to 38 °C. The mud dries slightly on the body. The temperature rises to 40 °C to 50 °C through spurts of steam, the humidity increases, the mud turns soft again and can be easily massaged into the skin with circular movements. The skin is lightly peeled and then washed off under warm water. A rest and a glass of sparkling wine round off this special treatment.


for 1 or 2 people

Leave everyday life behind you and dive into a weightless state of well-being. Brine water at body temperature gently and sensually caresses your whole body. Floating regenerates the mind, body and soul. It reduces stress and produces the body's own happy hormones. Deep relaxation is achieved and the immune system is strengthened.

Honey peel massage lotion

with rock salt and propolis

A gentle body peel with honey massage lotion with valuable propolis and bee honey. Has a soothing and very moisturising effect on the skin. Honey supplies skin with valuable vitamins and minerals. Ideal for rough and scaly skin.

Revitalising body peel

Rock salt with mountain arnica & rosemary

The revitalising body peel is a gentle and invigorating peel for all skin types. Impurities are removed from the skin with fine rock salt and micronised zeolite, leaving it smooth and wonderfully soft. Essential oils of mountain arnica, rosemary and lemongrass stimulate the blood circulation, regenerate, firm the connective tissue and vitalise. A special peel for fine, beautiful and radiant skin.




tape therapy

Pain, inflammation and swelling are treated using an elastic, self-adhesive plaster. Due to the specific way the tapes are applied, balance is restored to the muscle parts taped up, the joints and lymphatic and nervous system.

Stone pine vital


With the stone pine vital massage, stone pine sticks of differing lengths and diameters are used, warmed up and a stone pine massage lotion (arnica or honey) is used for deep relaxation. The warmth of the stone pine sticks and stone pine massage lotion penetrate deep down through the layers of muscles and improve the whole body’s circulation, boosts the flow of energy and lead to released tension and blockages.

The face is either massaged with a propolis, St. John's wort or arnica cream. Full body massage with face, without face or just face massage possible.

Hot Stone


The body has 7 main energy centres, called chakras. Stress, anxiety and other factors can cause these centres to become imbalanced. This treatment directly addresses this and noticeably harmonises the flow of energy. The basalt stones heated to approx. 50 °C are placed on the 7 chakras. A gentle massage is applied with light pressure using the remaining basalt stones. And you sense your body’s lightness. Anything blocked is released and you feel new strength flowing again.





This massage is ideal for deep relaxation and the regeneration of tired muscles, especially before and after major exertion. This massage also has a preventive effect against sore muscles.



Ultrasound treatment is an effective pain therapy option for painful muscles or joints. The effect of micro-massage increases the blood flow, warms and loosens the affected parts of the body. This treatment has a very analgesic and muscle relaxant effect, increases the oxygen supply to the treated areas and improves the healing process. Treatment time at one place 3-6 minutes.


Cupping is a treatment using glass vessels, the so-called cupping heads. This creates a vacuum which increases the blood circulation in selected areas of the skin. A physical-physiological acupressure effect is achieved as a result. The skin’s connective tissue is firmed by the vacuum.

Healing massage and

vital body wrap

A relaxing and antispasmodic treatment to relax muscles after sports activities as well as for joint pain. Rosemary oil, camphor and menthol stimulate the blood circulation and release tension and cramps in the muscles.

Healing massage and

ultrasound treatment

The aim of the massage is to reduce the increased tension in the muscles and stretch shortened muscles. The waves emitted by the ultrasound device penetrate all layers of skin in the treated area and emit energy. This increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.



Neck | head | face


Releases tension where it is greatest.

Peter Hess®

sound massage

Sound relaxation was already used in India 5,000 years ago and is a special kind of sensory experience where the body, mind and soul are brought into "harmony". The gentle vibrations and harmonising sounds stimulate the body’s energy flow and every cell is energised by these vibrations. Mental and physical tension can be released and self-healing powers are activated.

Relaxing leg and

massage and reflexology

This après-ski programme releases tension in the calves and takes away the feeling of heaviness.



A treatment tailored to your personal needs, possibly for currently painful areas. This treatment takes 50 minutes.

Bright eyes

pampering treatment

Eye pads soaked with natural essences such as eyebright and chamomile leave your eye area looking brighter, combat the first signs of wrinkles and provide a fresh and radiant appearance.

Body candles


The meridians are treated with body candles. Deep tension and blockages in the body are released during the body candle treatment. At the same time, the energy pathways (meridians) in the body are reactivated, thus ensuring a better flow in the body.

Classic back

massage and reflexology

Promotes blood circulation, relaxes, stimulates the self-healing mechanism.